my breakfast

over easy and sunny-side up: over quinoa, onions, cherry tomatoes, and green peppers



Paper Crowns & Large Utensils

In honor of the summer, we had a dinner party on a bridge over the Bayou St. John
I made fabric flag/banners and plum, almond, blackberry tarts! (recipe soon, i promise)
Of course we had to eat with over-sized utensils and wear paper hats....


lets make a fort!

a few weeks ago, a friend shared her desire to grab a few bottles of wine, make a fort in her living room and escape for awhile...and of course I have been wanting to do that all week long!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live here

"Cabin in a loft" by Katz Chiao-- more photos here

or build this
 image via swissmiss ~installation and photos: Bjørn Bjarre

make it big enough and invite so many friends

via scout:megsnotplural: blanket fort party.

I'll let you know how mine turns out!


outdoor sculpture

on Tchoupitoulas St. (outside the PRC- 923 Tchoupitoulas), New Orleans, LA


i may have to blame bloggers

well, not completely -- but posts on Cup of Jo ( this one and this one) and Apartment Therapy have all caught the summer picnic bug....

 I understand why summer makes people think of picnics, however- here in New Orleans- it always seems to rain right at prime picnic time!   
Wouldn't it be so lovely for a picnic..

So, when One kings lane (message me for an invite) had this.....

i had to get it!

So excited, even if it has to be indoor picnics. 

Happy Fourth!


"I'm a little bit [desert], and I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll"

Although New Orleans is a little too rainy to fully channel the desert, the last few days have had me thinking (wishing?) of Santa Fe, Burning Man, and Jim Morrison fueled nightmares (in a good way). Tribal has been in all spring and summer, but bringing a good mix of Navajo designs, "runway  tribal", and maybe a leather accessory (or two) will make you feel like you aren't dripping in a swamp.

wish list
Osbon/Shoes- Black Candela Jazzie ( $98.00) 
3.  Topshop Necklace ($210) &  Bangles- Diane Von Furstenberg  ($40-$60)
5. French Connection knit Dress ($170)
6. Mosley Tribes Sunglasses hand-beaded by Jenny Dayco ($695) -amazing-  , Shoes-Mosley Tribe Lookbook

Now, if the items above are too expensive for you (me!)- here are some less expensive replacements

1. Zalo High Leather Boots Etsy ($96)
2. Zoe & Zac for Payless Agave Ring Sandles ($9)
3. Need Supply Co. Dotted Pattern Tank Dress($42)
4. Vintage Jewelry at eCrater ($25) 
As for my insatiable love for the beaded Mosley Sunglasses--I'm thinking I could buy this pair and glue an old friendship bracelet on the sides. 

Another DIY idea is to screenprint some zig-zags on a dress, - and spray paint the design on these adorable forever 21 yellow boat shoes

Fashion sidenote-
DO NOT OVER DO THIS LOOK. You will look like a hipster-halloween party. And you can't pull this off-- Andre Benjamin barely did.



If you do want to overdo it-- email Jen and ask if you can make this into a shirt
to wear at the same time.

"I don't know if its good or bad, but I know i love it so" (The Osmonds)



So after-work, or after a bike ride, or before spending long amounts of time outside during a New Orleans summer-- I like to get a sno-ball. You may think you have had a sno-ball (I'm talking to you, my dear-east-coast-friends), but you have probably had a sno-cone.

A sno-ball is made with shaved ice...not crushed
 ( image from Kathy Price I believe)

 and comes with gummy bears, or condensed milk, or soft serve, or just by its glorious self.
The other day, I stopped at Snoballs on Piety,

 before going swimming at the Country Club (that fun is a whole other post). 
and I thought I would share the delicious sno-balls, wonderful Airstream trailer, and snoball-color-matching-graffiti with you ~


don't ask me why


yes please

d a c e Spring 2010 videolook from André Pinces on Vimeo.

Mafiosos and greenery

At the Preservation Resource Center's Renovators' Happy hour in Central City...look

I showed a few minutes to late to be one of the lucky ones with a gift bag ~
 but I am going to have to buy one of these for my phone

 at Miss Malaprop's store

and these, hopefully as earrings! and in emerald green!

all in all, it was an inspirational afternoon