So after-work, or after a bike ride, or before spending long amounts of time outside during a New Orleans summer-- I like to get a sno-ball. You may think you have had a sno-ball (I'm talking to you, my dear-east-coast-friends), but you have probably had a sno-cone.

A sno-ball is made with shaved ice...not crushed
 ( image from Kathy Price I believe)

 and comes with gummy bears, or condensed milk, or soft serve, or just by its glorious self.
The other day, I stopped at Snoballs on Piety,

 before going swimming at the Country Club (that fun is a whole other post). 
and I thought I would share the delicious sno-balls, wonderful Airstream trailer, and snoball-color-matching-graffiti with you ~


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