"I'm a little bit [desert], and I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll"

Although New Orleans is a little too rainy to fully channel the desert, the last few days have had me thinking (wishing?) of Santa Fe, Burning Man, and Jim Morrison fueled nightmares (in a good way). Tribal has been in all spring and summer, but bringing a good mix of Navajo designs, "runway  tribal", and maybe a leather accessory (or two) will make you feel like you aren't dripping in a swamp.

wish list
Osbon/Shoes- Black Candela Jazzie ( $98.00) 
3.  Topshop Necklace ($210) &  Bangles- Diane Von Furstenberg  ($40-$60)
5. French Connection knit Dress ($170)
6. Mosley Tribes Sunglasses hand-beaded by Jenny Dayco ($695) -amazing-  , Shoes-Mosley Tribe Lookbook

Now, if the items above are too expensive for you (me!)- here are some less expensive replacements

1. Zalo High Leather Boots Etsy ($96)
2. Zoe & Zac for Payless Agave Ring Sandles ($9)
3. Need Supply Co. Dotted Pattern Tank Dress($42)
4. Vintage Jewelry at eCrater ($25) 
As for my insatiable love for the beaded Mosley Sunglasses--I'm thinking I could buy this pair and glue an old friendship bracelet on the sides. 

Another DIY idea is to screenprint some zig-zags on a dress, - and spray paint the design on these adorable forever 21 yellow boat shoes

Fashion sidenote-
DO NOT OVER DO THIS LOOK. You will look like a hipster-halloween party. And you can't pull this off-- Andre Benjamin barely did.



If you do want to overdo it-- email Jen and ask if you can make this into a shirt
to wear at the same time.

"I don't know if its good or bad, but I know i love it so" (The Osmonds)

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